YOGA: what if your man tried it ?

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Today, yoga became in France and in many other countries one of the most appreciated sporting activities by its physical and psychological benefits. It also has the advantage to be easily practiced, either in group or alone at home, and all of that with very little material (no excuses, a mat and sports clothes are enough).

However, despite all its virtues, yoga does not seduce men yet… Practice, at least in Occident, pleases more to women. What a mistake ! Gentlemen, know that yoga does not necessarily imply femininity. Indeed, many handsome men directly coming from our TVs are regularly practicing. Who ? Matthew McConaughey, LeBron James, Gary Dourdan, David Beckham and even the All Blacks during pre-season !

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Are you convinced ? If it is still not the case, we have another argument for you: initially it is a men thing ! Indeed, during many centuries, yoga was a practice only aimed at men who chose it to combat problems related to sleep, stress or simply for its physical benefits. Yoga was born 2000 years ago… created by men… for men. There are few traces of women in the former yoga literature. In the 18th century, yoga was practiced by the Cipayes. They were the soldiers of the Maharaj and other kings that were governing. Only at the beginning of the 20th century, Krishnamacharya rewrote yoga rules by deciding to teach it to all of his children, whatever their sex was. Then, he sent some of them to form new adepts around the world. From here, many yogis that are well-known today appeared: Jois, Iyengar, T.K.V. Desikachar, Devi and many others…

Are there too many received ideas ? 

Men, and more globally people that do not practice or that do not know yoga tend to make a judgment, often wrong, about the practice: “it’s not dynamic enough”, “it’s for girls”, ” it’s a bobo thing”, “it’s boring”, “it’s expensive”, “it’s only for flexible persons”, and many many more.

But no ! Yoga, as every other sporting activity, builds muscles and makes you sweat. Indeed, each posture needs flexibility but also a big resistance of the body. Concerning boredom, you neither have to worry: there are so many postures that you won’t notice time pass. You think it’s expensive ? Not necessarily ! Some clubs take advantage of the fashionable phenomenon to do excessive tariffs. However, it is totally possible to practice yoga without breaking the bank (at worst, there is Youtube, no ?). It is not also indispensable to be flexible to practice, it is even good to arrive as stiff as a board, you will even more notice your progress throughout the sessions. Yoga can also frighten because of its spiritual aspect: yet, it’s not a sectarian clustering, we promised ! And finally: no, yoga isn’t only aimed at women ! Many people have this “girls only” image in mind but it’s wrong. Even if lessons are more attended by the female sex, today, more and more men are interested in it. We tell you why right away.

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You need advice ? 

  • Choose a level appropriate to your capacities: no need to do too much, you may get hurt !
  • Breathe… a lot ! Breathing is one of the key aspects of yoga, don’t hold your breath. If you assimilate well breathing techniques, you will even be able to use them outside your lessens, when you feel stressed for example.
  • Listen carefully to the recommendations and instructions of your teacher, he/she will help you better than anyone ! However, do the exercises gently.
  • Complete your session with a few minutes of relaxation (inhale deeply through the nose and exhale through the mouth)
  • Stretch ! It can never be repeated enough but it’s a very important step if you want to have beautiful muscles, increase your flexibility and don’t hurt yourself !
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