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What if matcha became a healthy alternative to your coffee ?

the matcha 300x207 What if matcha became a healthy alternative to your coffee ?

Today in LATY’s blog, we want to tell you more about matcha and its benefits compared to coffee. As a eco-responsible and environment respectful brand, we pay attention to our lectors health ! 🙂

What is matcha ?

Matcha, or 抹茶 (which means « crushed tea ») in Japanese, is a very particular type of green tea which, as you might guess, comes from Japan. With their beautiful green color, its leafs are put away from sun during the last weeks of growth. Then they are crushed with stone grinders to obtain a very thin powder. Matcha is traditionally used for formal ceremonies in Japan but can also be integrated to smoothies or pastries. It is very different from other types of teas, and is presented in the form of a fine powder and often has a price much more higher than other teas.

The origins

Today, matcha is mostly used in Japan, but it has its origins in China. Indeed, it was invented during the Song dynasty between 960 and 1279, and its consumption became a ritual under the influence of Chan Buddhists who drank it in a bowl by way of a sacrament. In 1191, it takes the road to Japan to implement the traditional tea ceremony, the chanoyu, and will gradually be forgotten in China.

5 reasons to choose matcha and forget coffee

the vert matcha 300x182 What if matcha became a healthy alternative to your coffee ?

  1. Matcha improves digestion

Contrarily to coffee, matcha green has a neutral pH and contains a lot of fibres. They encourage a great digestion and contribute to maintain stable glycemic levels. Finally, it will give you a sense of satiety !

  1. Matcha contains powerful antioxidants

Other advantage of matcha: it has a high concentration of antioxidants, that, as we know, help to protect the body from heart diseases and some types of cancer. According to a study, matcha contains 137 times more polyphenols than ordinary green tea.

  1. Matcha brings calm and energy

Matcha contains a huge quantity of caffeine (approximately 70mg per serving, more than in an expresso). Furthermore, the caffeine we can find in matcha releases slowly in the body and during 4 to 6 hours thanks to its amount of L-theanine, an amino acid that helps to balance the caffeine. It allows you then to stay calm and energetic at the same time, all of that while avoiding tiredness. Pssssst, it seems that it even reduces stress !

  1. Matcha makes your skin resplendent

Nicknamed “immortality elixir“, matcha is one of the best allies to beautify skin. Indeed, antioxidants that it contains also ensure skin health by reducing inflammation (thanks in particular to a very high rate of epicatechins) and cellular ageing. You will then be able to use it even to prepare your day cream !

  1. Matcha helps to lose weight

It has been demonstrated that antioxidants present in match and more precisely the EGCG increase the burn rate of stocked fats while reducing the development of new fat cells. In other terms, it naturally stimulates your metabolism and helps you burn even more calories.

Matcha tea: how to prepare it ?

We are not going to lie, matcha isn’t cheap, especially if you buy quality but worth it if we remember all the benefits it can bring to our body.

In Japan, matcha tea preparation needs an important organization: cups, teapot, bowls and even ustensils that can seem strange. But no worries, we will give you the simplified process so that you can do it at home for a cheap price.

preparation matcha 300x182 What if matcha became a healthy alternative to your coffee ?

—> What do I need ?

1 to 2 grammes de matcha green tea (preferably premium bio)

A small bowl (called chawan)

Un bamboo whip (called chasen)

Une bamboo spoon (called chasaku)

80ml of hot water (careful, no boiling water !)

—> The recipe

With the bamboo spoon, take a spoonful of our beautiful green powder and pour it in the bowl.

Add a bit of water. (This water has to be boiled and then cooled for 5 minutes)

With your bamboo whip, beat the water with the power to get as less lumps as possible.

Then, gently add the remaining hot water and stir again with the whip to create a creamy lather on the top, which is an important characteristic of matcha.

You’re done ! Enjoy your cup of tea !

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