Stop eating meat gradually: our 5 tips

vaches Stop eating meat gradually: our 5 tips

You like meat but you also love animals ? You would like to reduce your meat consumption to help the planet and get a healthier organism ? You’re at the right place ! Today LATY gives you its 5 favorite tips to stop eating meat gradually, because being eco-responsible, isn’t only producing sustainable clothing !

Why is meat harmful for our health ?

Meat excess (in particular red meat and cold meats) is more and more recognized as favoring the apparition of diverse cancers. Indeed, red meat is blamed of having too much saturated fat (leading to cardiovascular diseases). Its cooking process (with fats) is also pointed out as being carcinogenic.

Today, it is recommended to reduce our cold and transformed meat consumption, also to avoid eating more than 300g of cooked red meat per week. Of course, all of this does not mean we should totally stop eating meat because it obviously contains a lot of iron, essential to our health, but that we should control our consumption.

However, if you are really interested in progressively abandoning meat, here are some of our favorite tips.

veggie bowl Stop eating meat gradually: our 5 tips

  1. Begin in summer

We have to say it: it is much more easier to stop eating meat during the summer months. We are easily tempted by a beautiful colored salad and by juicy fruits. Of course, it is totally possible to find inspiration for hot vegetarian plates but for a “beginner” vegetarian, it will be easier to begin with different salads: so, let’s try it in summer !

  1. Try vegetal steaks and tofu

Okay, it is not really a dream when we are used to eat a steak once, twice or thrice a week at lunch. But all the same, try  to replace your piece of meat by an organic tofu steak, it is the number 1 ingredient used as an alternative to meat !

Very rich in proteins, it will bring you even more benefits than a classic steak. If you are not ready yet for soybean steaks and other tofu alternatives, then try to favor sustainable fish instead of meat, your body will thank you !

  1. Do not hesitate to consume legumes and whole cereals

legumineuses cereales Stop eating meat gradually: our 5 tips

Unfortunately underused in the western world, legumes are however the perfect ally to get more proteins without eating meat. They are also very rich in fibers and iron and will help you give a new taste to your recipes. The list is long: lupins, kidney beans, split peas, chickpeas, beans, mungo beans… and all of that way less expensive than meat, great !

Also, favor whole cereals such as quinoa, wild rice, bulgur or whole wheat for the most well-known. Combined with legumes, they will give you an optimal provision in proteins as well as in essential amino acids.

  1. Plan days without meat

The transition won’t be necessarily easy, so don’t rush, pay attention to your body and remain attentive to it. If you feel you need meat, listen to yourself, it means you are not totally ready yet. However, to get to know better this new diet, don’t hesitate to plan days without meat, for example, once a week, a 100% vegetarian day !

  1. Begin with eliminating red meat

Considered as the most harmful of all (for humans as well as for the environment), you must guess that it would be logic to stop it first. The idea: completely replace it by white meat or fish. And mostly, go with it progressively, if it takes several months, it doesn’t matter, the importance is the goal !

We hope you liked this article ! You want to eat healthier while continuing to consume meat ? Do not hesitate to consult our 10 tips to learn to eat better !

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