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One of my favorite yoga teachers in Paris, Klara Puski is a former dancer and model who accomplished her yoga teacher training in New York, with Jivamukti Yoga founders Sharon Gannon and David Life in May 2014. Of Russian-Hungarian descent, Klara is based in Paris and travels the world providing her students with a sweat-filled asana practice mixed with her own personalized blend of light hearted spiritual guidance.

I first met Klara when I was asked to style for a photo shoot at Yoga Concept. Klara is one of those privileged few who is photogenic beauty is equally evident in real life.

PORTRAIT KLARA Meeting a unique gal Klara Puski

“All of these practices lead us to the realization that this physical vehicle is “just that”, to carry the eternal spirit , which is the eternal piece that is life itself, and we all have that, all living things have it , the question is how do we recognize that we are all the same? How to honour myself the same way as I honour all living beings around?  We all do the best we can while we are here”



  1. You are Hungarian and completed your studies in the Hungarian Dance Academy in classical ballet in Budapest and continued to work as a professional dancer, then you got your teacher training in New York, How did you end up in Paris? Is there something else you can tell us about yourself? Who is Klara Puski?

A woman who goes with the flow


  1. You’ve mentioned a couple of times that as a child the discipline of ballet helped you a lot as a yoga teacher, could you elaborate further?

5.50am wake up call for 10 years drills a certain discipline in you. However yoga is a place where you can finally “just be” instead of performing


  1. Of the many paths of yoga on offer today, What brought you to Jivamukti? For those who don’t know what kind of yoga Jivamukti is, what made you choose that path?

My first teacher Petros Haffenrichter. His guidance lead me to the TT which was one of the best experience’s of my life.
The Jivamukti method was created by Sharon Gannon and David Life. Jivamukti Yoga one of nine internationally recognized styles of Hatha Yoga. Jivamukti Yoga class involves an ever changing flow of postures (vinyasa) that is intended to challenge you on many levels.

Chanting, meditation, and inspiring music are a part of every class. Each class revolves around a theme based on yogic wisdom and emphasizes the importance of practicing with an intention. The theme of the month is a chance to dive deeper in the Yoga and understand how to apply in day to day life.


  1. Many dancers have made the transition from dance to yoga, with you, for you that transition seem to be effortless and you never seem to look back, any comments on that?

I just went with my heart, didn’t think much. Otherwise it would have been way too complicated, I let go of dancing so there could be space created for something new to appear



PORTRAIT UNIV KLARA Meeting a unique gal Klara Puski

  1. You are an extremely popular teacher, your classes are always super full. If there is an advice to young teachers who want to break through the yoga scene in Paris, what would you tell them?

Breathe, Serve, Love, Practice Repeat

  1. Do you have other passion(s) aside yoga? What do you do in your free time? What does a day in the life of Klara Puski looks like?

Anything which makes you pause, my favourite at the moment is staring at flowers


  1. If there is anything you must do before you die, what would that be?

Move to Bali


  1. You travelled the world teaching yoga, which location stands out for you the most?

Kerala in the South of India, the garden of the Gods as they call it


  • Klara Puski Image her4 Meeting a unique gal Klara Puski


    1. What is your philosophy in life?

    Be easy, take your time, you are coming home to yourself


    1. What inspires you these days?

    Moments I share with loved ones


    1. At last, you know LATY means Love, Awakening, Thankfulness et Yearning *Is there anything particular that arises with these four words?

    It’s ALL part of the path




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