Ecotourism: 5 tips for a more eco-responsible summer

ete eco responsable 300x200 Ecotourism: 5 tips for a more eco responsible summer

While global warming is at the heart of debates and discussions, ecotourism and eco-responsible holidays are developing more and more for the well-being of our beautiful planet.

Today, at LATY as an eco-responsible brand, we decide to talk about this upcoming type of holidays because LATY is not only about ethical clothing and accessories but also about ethical traveling !

What is ecotourism ?

Ecotourism is a form of tourism focused on the discovery of nature and local cultures as well as the respect of the environment. It appeared about 40 years ago, when environment protection was at the heart of all debates. Globally, it is a touristic approach that aims encouraging sustainable development while preserving, among others, natural and cultural resources.

Our 5 tips for a more eco-responsible summer

  1. Choose close destinations

%name Ecotourism: 5 tips for a more eco responsible summer

Of course, we all want to go far and travel the world whatever it’s Australia, Japan or Mexico but planes unfortunately, pollute a lot (a Paris/New York round trip means 1.5 tons of CO2, or more that what we should emit every year to respect the climatic equilibrium).

So, of course, the idea is not to stop discovering the world but to avoid doing it each year and to favor closer destinations. Europe is full of beautiful landscapes: mountains, beaches, forests… why not enjoy it ?

  1. Bye bye to waves !

We know it, nowadays we use our phones and computers everyday. But what if holidays were the perfect occasion to totally disconnect and to avoid every source of waves ? 

When we have the chance to enjoy the sun, do sports, go for a walk, visit cities… why should we still be on our phones or computers (which, furthermore, consume a lot of energy) ?

What about totally disconnecting from your screens? it will not only help your moral but also your organism who will get time to rid of all these bad waves !

  1. Prefer fresh and seasonal products

It’s not a secret anymore, if you want to be ecological, you better eat fresh and seasonal products. Indeed, it helps avoiding importations which means eating unripe fruits and on top of it their transportation from far countries pollute a lot !

Summer is also a season where you can find delicious fruits and vegetables. So, you have no more excuses to prepare yummy salads and healthy snacks, goodbye to ready-to-eat meals and junk food !

  1. Choose a more sustainable means of transportation

%name Ecotourism: 5 tips for a more eco responsible summer

The choice of your means of transportation to go on holidays is not trivial for the environment, far from it !

Different factors have to be taken into account, for example, doing a Paris/Lyon in car alone or with two passengers will pollute more than taking the plane. On the contrary, if you travel at 4 or 5, it will be less polluting to  take the car !

But, the most ecological means of transportation is the train. If the environmental impact depends on many factors such as the vehicle model, the gas consumption etc, here is a non exhaustive list of the most ecological means of transportation:

  • train
  • bus
  • car occupied by 4 or 5 persons
  • two-wheelers
  • plane
  • car occupied by 1 or 2 persons

In brief, try to prefer taking trains when you can. Also, when you travel far, choose flights without stops because they pollute much less since there are less takeoff phases.

  1. Reduce your water consumption

%name Ecotourism: 5 tips for a more eco responsible summer

In summer, and because of the heat, we use more and more water: taking various showers per day, filling the swimming pools, watering the lawn, washing the car and many others are what make us consume more and more water when it’s hot !

Problem: Summer is also the period when tension about water resources is the highest. So, to avoid environmental disasters, a small act from each of us can help. If you don’t really know how to proceed to consume less, try to install a rainwater recovery to water your plants and to reduce showers and baths as much as possible for example.

Of course, this list of tips isn’t exhaustive, there are many more and remember that even an act from each of us can help saving the planet !

LATY hopes you liked this article and that you are now sensitized to the protection of our small dear planet ! Don’t hesitate to give us feedback or advice in the comments ! 😉

Keep following us for exciting news and give us any feedback or comments!

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