8 reasons to choose a cork yoga mat

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Today, cork is becoming more and more popular and French designers love it. It is understandable: this natural and ecological material is convenient and aesthetic. Cork mostly finds its origins in Portugal, which is the world’s largest producer with 50% of the production. It’s in the Alentejo‘s region in particular that we can find 72% of hectares of cork oak forests. Cork also represents 16% of the Portuguese total exports, 700 factories dedicated to the production and 10 000 jobs. Did you know that cork trees are the only tree capable of regenerating its own bark ? It allows for steady production from a 100% renewable, recyclable and biodegradable source.

Cork can be obtained thanks to a certain tree, the cork oak, which is mainly present in the Mediterranean (Portugal, Spain, Algeria, Morocco). This tree, which has the ability to regenerate its bark in 9 years doesn’t need to be felled to be useful. Furthermore, cork is an elastic, light and waterproof material, it is so a perfect thermal insulator. But today, the thing that seduces LATY is its totally ecological harvesting and production methods: indeed, no need to fell the tree, its own resin is used for the agglomeration of cork.

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Despite its success and decoration and isolation, that’s not what interests LATY. Today, we have a project: develop yoga mats made of cork. But: how this trendy material could revolutionize your practice ?

1. Cork smells good !

Strange smells from your plastic mats are over. Made of natural rubber and without PVC, TPE and other harmful substances, cork mats will help to breathe “natural”.

2. Cork is super resistant and flexible at the same time !

You’re fed up with plastic mats that damage over time ? Opt for cork, it’s super resistant and will last for years ! Naturally waterproof, the cork mat will give you the opportunity to practice yoga at the beach ! The material also has the particularity to be very flexible. Thanks to its cells, it has an incredible elastic memory that permits to adapt to your movements, but also to recover its original shape very easily.

3. Cork is anti-bacterial !

Cork eliminates odors (because, yes, we all sweat sometimes) and also allows to avoid the development of bacteria. It is then excellent if you have allergies ! But be careful, you have to wash it anyway.

4. Cork is easy to maintain !

The maintenance of a cork yoga mat is way easier than one of a classic yoga mat. Try to wash it with some water and natural soap, it is totally sufficient. If you like strong smells, don’t hesitate to use essential oils.

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5. Cork is natural and eco-responsible !

Respecting nature is essential, nowadays. Cork doesn’t pollute: it is recyclable and doesn’t contain any toxic chemical: many good points, no ? But we have other arguments. As we’ve said before, its manufacture doesn’t imply felling trees ! According to a study made by WWF, bark regenerates at each cork harvest. In that sense, the tree stores CO2 and absorbs the double if not more during the bark harvest.

6. Cork is very light !

With a weight of only 0.16 grams per cm3, it won’t be difficult to carry your mat ! A good classic yoga mat weighs 3kg approximately against only 1kg for a cork mat !

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7. Cork is non-slip !

Don’t fear slips anymore ! Cork, even when it’s wet, is totally non-slip and will help you not to fall.

8. Cork has the same temperature as the human body !

No more yoga sessions where you’re scared to get a cold just because you will lie on your yoga mat. Cork, far from being a synthetic material, will give you a sensation of warmth. Indeed, it will adapt to your body temperature while you’re practicing.

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Don’t hesitate anymore and opt for cork, it won’t be necessarily more expensive and if it is the case, think about environment, as well as your yoga mat lifetime, we are sure you will take the best decision ! 😉

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