10 tips to learn how to eat better

Today, more and more people aspire to adopt a healthier lifestyle. Media are constantly denouncing additives and other products that are bad for our health and that invade our trolleys at the supermarket. Eating 5 fruits and vegetables per day, drinking 1,5L of water, reduce our sugar consumption…

We are frankly invaded by all kinds of information.

We strongly believe that today it is not anymore about one single subject, everything is connected (that’s the very core of YOGA) it is about leading a holistic and balanced life. Nourishing your body with healthy food is as important as nourishing your body with physical activities and as important as nourishing your spirit with love and compassion. So today we talk about food! 😉

You don’t know where to start ? It’s a good thing, today Laty gives you 10 advice to begin to eat better !

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” – Hippocrates

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One of the first keys to learn to eat better is to buy “good” food. Prefer to buy fresh and seasonal products. Don’t hesitate to buy fruits and vegetable (preferably organic of course), you will be truly thankful. Avoid industrial products: they have very few vitamins, micro-nutrients and unfortunately loads of salts and sugars !

One advice that can be very useful is to learn to decrypt food labels: know that the shorter, the better. If it takes you too much effort, we advise Yuka: this brand new mobile app scans your products and analyses their impact on health. In other terms, it decrypts labels for you: you will then know which products are good and the ones you should avoid.

Good news ! The app is available on Apple and Android. To find out more:


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Other tip that can help you avoid discrepancies and succeed in eating better: prepare your meals (and snacks) in advance. Did you ever find yourself at work, without food for lunch while smelling warm bread from the bakery next to you ?

Today, there are so many alternatives and among them: the lunch box which is very trendy ! We can find it everywhere: MonBento, and GreenWeez are offering so many types that are guaranteed BPA free. And if you prefer to eat hot, then opt for Qwetch: the brand offers isothermal lunch boxes also without BPA. No more excuses: now you can cook good healthy dishes without fat components !


To begin, an important thing to know may be the fact that sugar is not necessarily found in the food that we think of. Here is a short list of foods that keep their cards close to their chest: bread, canned vegetables, fruits (despite their health benefits, they also contain a lot of sugar, be careful not to abuse of them), sushi rice, dressings, condiments…

But no worries ! If you want to reduce sugar in your nutrition, it’s totally possible: you use have to adopt simple habits. For instance: swap milk chocolate with black one ! This last contains half less sugar (and no, it’s not necessarily bitter !). Other tip: choose green tea rather than sodas or sweet drinks: it contains way less calories and helps to boost your metabolism thanks to its antioxidants ! Nothing forces you to drink it pure, there is a huge variety: red fruits, mango, mint, jasmine… Finally, a good resolution to take might be to avoid refined foods (slow sugars, pasta, bread…) and replace them with whole grains: rice, pasta…


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It is INDISPENSABLE to eat well in the mornings. We often say “Eat like a king in the morning, like a prince at noon and like a poor at night”. Indeed, it is better to eat less and less through the day to ensure a better digestion.

It is then useless, to skip breakfast, to eat a salad at noon and to guzzle at night ! Eat a lot but well ! So, at breakfast, don’t hesitate to eat proteins, fibres (and if possible, less sweet things). Try to begin with a toast with avocado and a good smoothie. If you are not really into it, Good Housekeeping has some other ideas for you !


Some people will say that it’s a misleading but it works ! Eating in a smaller plate will give you the impression that you eat more because it is full ! Eat “beautiful”: don’t hesitate, add colors, flowers (yes, some of them are edible)… Not only you’ll get more pleasure to eat but you will also be able to show off on Instagram ! 😉


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Try to integrate at least one vegetable per meal: whatever the form, it can be raw as a starter or done and mixed with complete pasta as a dish for example. The idea is to always associate starches and legumes with vegetables to get even more benefits for your body.

Be careful: it’s not necessarily good to only eat vegetables: our body needs starches and eating them (in reasonable quantities) won’t make you fat, but on the contrary, it will help you remedy to cravings through the day.


It can seem stupid, but believe us: go shopping with a full belly will help you avoid buying bad things for your health: FAREWELL to industrial products, cookies, candies and other cakes !


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To maintain your body in good health, it is essential to drink (no, wine doesn’t count). You don’t really like water and you hate the people that tell you to drink 1L per day ? No worries, there are many other alternatives: try the infused water ! The idea ? Mix water with fruits, vegetables or even aromatic herbs: it will give the water a pleasant taste, but still healthy ! Here are some ideas

Also, as we’ve said before, you can opt for green tea: hot or iced during summer. But above all: avoid “diet” sodas. There are full of sweeteners and seem to be even more harmful than “classic” sodas. Indeed, far from being good for your health, they will make you feel less guilty, and then you will allow yourself to eat more. And that’s not all: it’s said that they stimulate the appetite and that they even accentuate… sweet cravings ! So, banish them completely !


We don’t force you to become vegetarian while you like meat a lot but just to vary: for example, try to replace meat with legumes (lentils, kidney beans, beans, chickpeas…) twice or three times a week. Not only it will benefits your health but it will also procure a feeling of satiety. And for meat, do not forget to buy good quality even if it implies buy less.


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No, we won’t blame you if you like drinking smoothies but know that it’s better to crunch fruits. In that sense, they will satiate you more and sugars will be absorbed more slowly. Moreover, may make you eat too many fruits and so, you will accumulate too much sugar so be careful.

Finally, eating well is also knowing how to enjoy your meals, so don’t forget that you can (occasionally) have a cheat meal: date night at restaurant with your boyfriend, Netflix + pizza night with girls, your mum’s 60 years old birthday, ice-cream while watching Bridget Jones, we won’t tell anything, we promised!


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