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April 26, 2019 2 min read

Yetta Lee, Designer, Creator, Eco-warrior founder of Laty

Designer, stylist and eco-warrior Yetta Lee creates LATY after several years of working experience in Fashion. Yetta was born in South Korea and grew up in Mexico. She followed Fashion studies in Seoul (Yonsei) and Paris (ESMOD & IFM) where she decides to live; she integrates prestigious fashion houses such as Yves Saint Laurent and Chloé. It is in 2006 when she discovers yoga in Paris while working in the corporate world and was instantly touched by the magic and power of yoga. After nearly 12 years of being in-house she decides to leave to pursue her dream. As a result of her multiculturalism and her experience, Yetta creates LATY with a vision in mind: to create mindfully designed timeless products integrating humanity, innovation and sustainability.

 LATY Dream Big


" I am really fascinated in experiencing the evolution we are going through as a collective consciousness called humanity! I truly believe it is up to each of us to elevate our own consciousness and thus the collective one! I believe that in making the right choices we contribute to the evolution of our society! I believe yoga is a great tool for Freedom. I would love to be part of that with you. It is why I created LATY. A brand with a vision; that of reconciling nature with humanity and a mission; that of inspiring others to live a more conscious life by creating beautiful innovative functional eco friendly and sustainable objects/products/projects.

I am passionate about photography, traveling, yoga, contemporary art, design, and contemporary dance. My work is nourished by my surroundings, in the city, in nature, by people... I believe in the importance of one single object but also the correlation it has with its surroundings and other objects it is associated with. It is thus the source of constant research either in a white page, in a photo composition, in a retail space, a product development ...."

With Love Laty

With Love, With Light, With Gratitude

Yetta Lee, founder of Laty