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November 26, 2019 2 min read

Hello lovely you,

This is your Bhumi Mat here! First things first! ;)

When you get your Bhumi Cork Yoga Mat


When you get me, the first thing I'd love you to do for me is put me in a real clean mode. Please clean me as soon as you get your hands on me! With a soft sponge or a soft cloth, damp it with clean water and rub me gently, you can use a little bit of water and vinegar (1/10 in proportion to the water). This puts me in a very good mood as I feel fresh and I smell even better!

 Clean my Bhumi Cork Yoga Mat


Like you, me too, I love feeling clean, so please take care of me and clean me in a regular basis, please remember always with non-abrasive cleaning products. If for some reason I happen to get dirtier, you can rub me with a sponge and use eco-friendly dishwashing liquid, it works really well!



Only roll me with the cork layer towards the outside, if you want me to last longer. If rolled with the natural rubber out, my cork layer risks of detaching. Do not fold me, like you, I don't like wrinkles either ;D 

 Roll my Bhumi Cork Yoga Mat


Please store me in a dry and cool place. This kind of places is where I get the best rest and I get re-energized.



Take care of me and I will be there for you for a long time.
I love to be clean but I cannot put up with washing machines nor drying tumblers.

And the most important thing, LET'S HAVE FUN TOGETHER!