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February 02, 2019 2 min read

LATY is a brand that creates mindfully and timeless products, aligned with Mother Nature. After several years of practicing Yoga, and many working in Fashion, when I decided to quit the corporate world and create LATY, I set myself to design products with the heart that are beautiful, cool and super respectful of Mother Nature.

The idea of the BHUMI MAT came when traveling to Portugal where my husband an me invested in a land to create "a center" (WIP we still working out on the whole concept, but stay tuned because it's going to be amazing!!), where there are many cork oak trees as we are in the heart of the "montados".

 Laty Cork x Bhumi Mat

The choice of the material came naturally, when I "re-discovered" the amazing properties of cork! The ideal material because of its astonishing qualities that are perfectly suited and aligned to the practice of Yoga.

Did you know that 91% of the world production of cork is made in the Mediterranean basin. Portugal holds nearly 64% of its production, a real treasure that the local population has enjoyed for different purposes and in particular that of the manufacture of wine corks but also fashion accessories. Unfortunately, we didn't find "THE manufacturer" of yoga mats in Portugal, the research took place by asking ex-colleagues from my Fashion houses' years until we found the manufacturer we are working with in China! Yes, we want to be 1000% honest and transparent with you! We know how the "Made in China" has, sadly, such a bad reputation with the collective opinion. This is another HUGE debate that can be discussed for hours... If you are interested here is my opinion! http://bit.ly/2t7jx9W

Laty Cork x Bhumi Mat Why Cork 

Laty Cork x Bhumi Mat amazing properties

Cork has so many great properties that makes it the perfect companion for anyone who practices yoga, from the beginner, to the intermediate and the more advanced practitioner. But why ?

  • It is super resistant and will last for years,
  • It will adapt to your movements then return to its original shape, thanks to its natural elastic memory,
  • It is naturally waterproof yet has a breathable structure, best of all, it’s anti-bacterial and eliminates odor, and continues to smell beautifully natural,
  • Another great property is that its non slip whilst being wonderfully natural to the touch
  • It is really easy to maintain, a neutral soap on a damp cloth will do, and it’s like new
  • It is thermally self-regulating, so hot or cold practice rooms are no longer a problem, the mat regulates to your body temperature
  • Extremely soft and smooth, your skin and whole body will thank you for this gift that nature provides

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