Yoga clothing Yoga Clothing is designed to be worn during the Yoga class for a regular Yoga practice: Laty Yoga clothes and accessories are at the same time very comfortable but also chic. Yoga Clothing
T-shirts for men and women, Tank top for women, long cut and short cut are made of organic cotton, the scarves and stoles for women and for men are composed of cashmere of Nepal, these silk squares are chic and luxurious. Yoga bags and Laty travel bags for men and women are perfect as travel bags for the weekend or as a Yoga bag to carry your Yoga mat and its current Yoga business of Yoga. Laty Yoga bags are spacious, quality and practical. Laty bags are canvas tote bags, tote bag in waterproof canvas, but also leather bags of fine quality. These leather bags are luxury bags and high quality to both casual and chic casual style. Yoga clothes are designed in a Parisian workshop. Our yoga clothes and yoga accessories are made by craftsmen. Our collections of yoga clothes are made with care and designed specifically for urban and active people. Yetta Lee is the creator of this young designer brand Made in France and Made in Paris, a designer who went to Saint Laurent and Chloé before launching her own brand.



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